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An Entrepreneur Stands Up To Sexism and Misogyny. Part 2

Krystal Choo | December 9, 2018
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    An Entrepreneur Stands Up To Sexism and Misogyny. Part 2
    Krystal Choo

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How did Asia’s Best Entrepreneurs, Idealists and Trendsetters make it? Hear the war-stories behind their movements. I’m your host Chris Chong, and on today’s episode, hear why an entrepreneur believes getting up after a devastating loss is a narrative that’s more important than getting the prize itself. She’s a female entrepreneur, she’s fighting her inner demons, she’s fighting sexism and misogyny online, it’s Krystal Choo. This is part 2 to a series, check out part 1 here.

Here’s why we’re telling this story.

Just how badly are female entrepreneurs treated in our community?

Do you think that a person’s appearance plays a factor in their success?

How do you overcome a devastating loss like failure or bullying?

Krystal is a two-time TEDx speaker and serial entrepreneur, her latest startup Tickle, go to www.trytickle.com, is a marketplace that offers community-driven experiences, you can sign up for classes learning how to cook traditional dishes only a Mum would know, or parkour training for a zombie apocalypse, because we all know with President Trump a zombie apocalypse is probably just around the corner.

If you’re interested in building a marketplace in Singapore, curious about how one person stands up against online bullies, or you want to hear an inspiring story of overcoming huge hardship, this podcast episode is for you.

One person in Singapore who strikes me as an individual who has had an unfairly high amount of online abuse is Krystal Choo, she is a famous female entrepreneur here in Singapore who upon first glance you have to objectively admit is very beautiful. Haha ok hold your horses, she has a boyfriend, but beyond that, she also faces a lot of online criticism for just being who she is, and that is a female entrepreneur who’s trying, like the rest of us, to hustle for a better life for herself.

If I was Krystal Choo, I wouldn’t be this cool, I would have had multiple breakdowns, I would have changed my personality, I would have shied away from public, think about what you would do if there was an online forum that existed for the sole purpose of just writing degrading comments about you. Of course, you would use the internet less and try to explore your real life more, if you could take a break from checking that forum, maybe blacklisting it from a website that you’re allowed to view. I mean if it were me, I would have broken down.

Once Upon a Time, the internet was a hurtful place, it was a place where many people’s hopes and aspirations were shot down by overly critical and harsh comments by completely anonymous people. Every day, people left the internet feeling more negative than they were before, and eventually one day, they started to write hateful comments. Because of that, the internet became a breeding ground of hate, bigotry, and dehumanized our very sense of self. Until finally, The internet was treated like a bar, if you come in and act rude or you’re too drunk, you were kicked out. That’s my dream for maintaining a respectable place where people can come, have fun, maybe flirt and dance a little bit, and then leave safely after having a good time. But someone needs to put that sign up on the bar, you know, the one that says, if you misbehave you’ll be kicked out. Until then, welcome to World War 3, where a cyber-bomb has gone off on the internet.


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