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Episode 0: Welcome to Ramen To Riches

Chris Chong | October 9, 2018
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    Episode 0: Welcome to Ramen To Riches
    Chris Chong

Chris Intro: Hey, welcome to the party. Leave your shoes and the ego at the door cause it’s an Asian household. But hey, take a sip of coffee, cause you know you’re grumpy without coffee or tea, and sit back, relax, and take a deep breath.

This is Ramen to riches, where we break down what it means for entrepreneurs, idealists and trendsetters to have made it in our little corner of the world. We’re going to put on some air con and cool down on the get-rich-quick stories that our media likes to spread, and really talk more about the other side of success that few talk about. We’re going to dive into the bumps and valleys that unsettled even the best among us. About the times where the worst situations forced some of the most successful people living in Asia to question who they were, and what their purpose was.

And hey, it’s ingrained in our culture that we shouldn’t talk about how we failed to hit the bar, or how we didn’t make it into that university course or how we didn’t get that job we were applying for. Failure is one of those toxic words that doesn’t get thrown around much and it can leave us feeling high and dry. Because failure’s actually made some of the best people in this world. That’s how they made it, by constantly failing and picking themselves up for a round 2 of failure, and a round 3, etc. It’s smoothed out the rough corners so that the best artists, business people, game-changers could, well, change the game, for all of us. And we shouldn’t be ashamed of not hitting the bar, as long as we’re back trying to aim high again the next morning. And I’m not talking about drinking at a bar.

What I’ve learnt from failure is that you have to wipe the dust off your shoulder, don’t let your mind play tricks with you, and attack again with the same enthusiasm that you had in the first place. The worst thing that could happen is for you to fail and for you to lose the enthusiasm to try again. But this time, you’re a little bit wiser. Like when I was 10 years old and my brother took me to the beach to go surfing for the first time. He pretty much just pointed at the sea and gave me a body board. The first time I went out, I got slammed by the first wave. It must’ve taken me underwater for a good few minutes, and I got taken all the way back to the sandy shore. But as young people always do, they don’t get it, they don’t get the failure, they just go back and try again. Eventually, I knew if I could jump over a wave or I had to duck my head underwater, I could avoid the main brunt of the wave, but occasionally I’d still end up dumped underwater with seaweed up my nose. It happens, seaweed up the nose, failure in business, relationships, whatever it is,  but it shouldn’t dampen your spirit to try again.

This podcast will cover topics for young people who want to achieve something meaningful in their life, whether it’s to be the best version of yourself, to become a millionaire, hey they say money can’t buy happiness but it can buy you freedom, I haven’t had to find a serious job since I left as co-founder of Groupon Singapore, or you may be wanting to find love in yourself or love in a partner. Here’s a tip, you need to fix yourself before you can find love in others, but we’ll go into that in more detail later. A lot of the stuff I want to cover will be about having the right mind to start a business, self-improve, and how to react to life’s ups and downs. Specifically, how do other people who appear to have their shit together and appear to be doing so well on paper get there? These are our generation’s entrepreneurs, trendsetters and idealists. Was it all a perfect overnight success like Instagram tells us it is or is there an uglier side of their story that you don’t see on social media?

Every day, we’ve been doing the same routine, wake up, get ready, go to work. It’s time to share a conversation where we can have a relaxed talk about how we can become better, fitter, richer, nicer, smoother. Without the ego. Today, you’ve heard the first of many podcasts, and because of that, we’re connected now and we’re going to get better. I assume you’ve already subscribed, if not, please subscribe to this podcast, until finally one day, we get to meet and catch up, and I get to hear your thoughts about the range of topics and discussions that we’ve covered. Welcome to Ramen to riches, I hear it’s best to listen to these while you’re in the bus, train or car to work. In our next episode, we hear a powerful message from an entrepreneur who had to overcome huge struggles to finally make it.

This is only a quick introduction, but the real fun begins with Episode 1, which is available to download or stream right now.


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