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Hosting My First TV Show

Chris Chong | November 15, 2019

Hi there listeners,

First of all, my apologies for my radio silence over the last 6 months. Season 1 of the podcast ended with many great interviews with talented Entrepreneurs in Singapore covering a range of professional and personal topics, leaving me with many valuable introspections. In a way, it was a great form of therapy and remedy after my last startup had failed in 2018, and as I’ve said many times, a startup failure can take you to a dark, dark place.

In those 6 months, I went on another 10-day meditation retreat, and, for those of you who don’t know, I’m now a big fan of the meditation practice. Many people my age (say between 25-35) and of course other ages have heard of it, but people around my age range are starting to look for something more fulfilling beyond the familiar boundaries of career or romance. Some get a pet, I decided to try to learn meditation. Call it spirituality, although many will rebel against the use of the word in our times where religion has provided more unsolved problems than solutions (just look at the news if you’re not sure what I mean). In this meditation retreat, I went with an old friend from law school and we decided to volunteer and meditate, which was double the work- meditate sitting down in a large hall from 4 am to 9 pm for 10 days straight, and when you’re not sitting down straining to find inner peace in silence, you’re clamouring around a kitchen labouring to cook meals for the 100 other participants with a small team of 10. It took a heavy toll on the mind and on the body and I fell sick halfway through.

Then I flew to New York to spend time with my brother’s family, especially excited to meet up with my little niece and nephew who are now 4 and 1. I had the chance to volunteer at an AIDS shelter in Midtown where I served lunch to a long line of people. I love cooking food, so volunteering in anything food-related is a carefree joy. You also get a free lunch, and who doesn’t love a free lunch? I also got to re-visit a few of the old-timers at the AIDS shelter who I had volunteered with the year before, and I was surprised that they remembered me. The volunteer community is impressively close-knit in such a vast city. If you’re in NYC, I recommend you join it, it’s a great way to see another side of the city.

I then got invited to host a TV show on Channel NewsAsia. I can’t speak enough about how much of a privilege this means to me and how much I appreciate this opportunity. It was a whirlwind that seemed like a dream, well, in fact, it was a childhood dream of mine, and it felt like the accomplishment of a long-lost dream, the kind of dream you had when you were 12 but had long since forgotten about. They flew me to Tokyo, Japan, to uncover the E-sports industry there. I got to work with such talented people (my shout out to People Factor Studio, the crew, fixer and CNA), meet interesting gamers who shot out of obscurity (gamers are still seen as nerdy and unaccomplished by strict traditional standards in Japan) and are now stars earning more money than you and me, and the power brokers trying to get a slice of the pie.

Like I said above, a startup failure is a dark path to cross, and as a consequence, I suffered from low self-confidence, anxiety towards public speaking and relationships with people, all part of a jaded world-view, and this was the first major test to hell and back as part of getting myself recovered from the failure. If I had failed (again), it would’ve taken me back a few notches closer to depression (yep, it can get there, I have a few friends sitting it out, possibly in perpetuity). The personal stakes were critical, but I had to gamble with grandiosity to re-spark my career. Check out my first documentary as the host:

The Millennial Investor Ep 2: E-sports Japan

Thanks for your patience as I start developing Season 2 of the podcast, expect a new episode to drop by January 2020, meanwhile, I’ll be looking for my next media project 🙂

You can email me at Christopherchad.chong@gmail.com

Thanks to:
Yoke, Inez, Von, Aaron, Jason, Anna H and the representatives from the e-sports industry and CNA.

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