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Has The Startup Sense Of Community Eroded?

Chris Chong | October 17, 2018 close

Welcome to today’s podcast in Singapore. I have to admit sometimes, and if you’re an entrepreneur, you know what I mean. I just feel so alone and isolated, even in the startup community.

Episode 0: Welcome to Ramen To Riches

Chris Chong | October 9, 2018 close

This is Ramen to riches, where we break down what it means for entrepreneurs, idealists and trendsetters to have made it in our little corner of the world. We’re going to put on some air con and cool down on the get-rich-quick stories that our media likes to spread, and really talk more about the other side of success that few talk about. We’re going to dive into the bumps and valleys that unsettled even the best among us. About the times where the worst situations forced some of the most successful people living in Asia to question who they were, and what their purpose was.

That's all

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    01. Who We Are- COVID-19 and George Floyd Update - 8:6:20, 3.45 pm
    Christopher Chong

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    02. How We Built A $24M Startup: Beeconomic To Groupon
    Aston Chia from Overdrive

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    03. S2E1: Monologue, on persistence and courage

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    S2E6: Why A Famous Digital Marketer Quit His Top Corporate Career For Startup Dream
    Damien Cummings

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